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get oblique

update and to-do

by Rob Friesel

Took the evening off and categorized the early posts all the way back to ’03. (Not that bad, actually – – I did that while watching Kung Pow…) There’s still a bit to do though:

  • blogroll
  • port over scripts.js
    • esp. w/r/t/ inserting the oblique strategies here
  • adapt old Blogger CSS styles to the new format here
    • (that being said, this “Kubrick” design is nice and elegant and the above will probably be one of the last things to get done
  • categorize back-posts
  • drop in the Flickr script
  • clean-up what’s on the server
  • fix any broken links (re: old self-referential links fr/ the Blogger era)
    • (this should be too tough since I set up the mod-rewrite var links; so all I should need to do is just replace “.html” with “/” in those URLs)
  • officially announce the switch – – esp. re: RSS feed

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