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by Rob Friesel

A quickie plug for (somewhat oddly titled “Delerium on the web” given the domain name…) which has a ton of free MP3 downloads on it from the various Leeb/Fulber and Leeb/Peterson projects. The Equinox album “Holon” is available for download in its entirety (for example), as well as large portions of Pro-Tech’s “Orbiting Cathedrals”, Intermix’s “Future Primitives” and several Delerium albums. Most of the downloads are 128 or 160 kbps encoded, so the quality is excellent for freebies (and arguably exceeds the 128 kbps AAC downloads out of the iTMS). Of special note though is the page of unreleased and remixed tracks. Two gems worth their own little blurbs:

  • Justify My Love – tagged as a Front Line Assembly release, it sounds a lot more like their Delerium work. It features vocalist Kristy Thirsk (from previous Delerium albums) covering the Madonna track. Devestatingly sexy. (mp3)
  • New Years Day – tagged as a Front Line Assembly release and probably more approrpiately so. Here they’re covering the U2 classic giving it a fresh spin and done well with a female vocalist. (mp3)

currently playing: Intermix “Seeds Of Harmony”

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