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late Fri nite ramble

by Rob Friesel

A has update her site a little. Burned it down, started fresh. Can’t say that I hold it entirely against her. The Google panopticon scares the living shit out of me too some days. I’ll save my admiration for that irony for another time.

This weekend I’ll turn 26 and am kind of flat about it. Last year I was all jazzed to turn a quarter of a century old. This year I’m just exicted that 05-Nov will mark five years without a speeding ticket. Shouldn’t downplay it too much though. We’ve got a fun weekend planned (w/ a couple of kids that I just know when to SMCM in their former lives or something…) and all that goes along with that.

I want to say that I’m turning over some kind of serious leaf. I’m becoming more disciplined that I’ve ever been. At least it feels that way. I’m sticking to an exercise plan, I write almost every single night — and I’m managing to fit all of these things in without it necessarily detracting from the other sectors of my life. Or perhaps the more appropriate way of looking at it is that I’m (for the first time?) disallowing those sectors to interfere with those things that I find important. I still feel like I can finish my first draft before the end of the year. (NaNoWriMo folks — back me up here?) That’s a good feeling. Stupid as it may sound, it was easier to make excuses not to write. It was easier to blow it off. Easier to be afraid. And the only reason that I agree that it sounds stupid is because of the two novel-length projects I did at SMCM. Why would I be afraid to finish one off now?

Fuck fear, let’s publish.

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