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by Rob Friesel

A while back, when first exploring launchd, I mentioned the launchd editor from over at codepoetry. Today, however, I saw Lingon featured on TUAW. This is just something that they should have bundled with X.4 in the first place.

Well, I’m excited.

It seems to be pretty full featured w/ a UI that makes sense, too. The main window is tabbed off to let you know what super-set of launchd processes you are working with. (E.g., “My Agents” vs. “System Daemons”.) From there, you can just double-click the agent you wish to edit – – bringing you into one of those handy OS X “sheets” which are themselves clearly tabbed off to let you know what aspect of the agent you are editing. And each has helpful hints right there so you know what it is you’re editing. And if you’re really surly, you can dive into the plist itself in the “Expert” tab. And luckily, it’s smart enough to require an administrator password for any system-wide changes.

One little thing… The buttons along the top are grey so they don’t look active. But they are.

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