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Safari wishlist

by Rob Friesel

Prompted by this post on TUAW:

  • draggable, re-arrangeable tabs
  • auto-populating RSS bookmark collection (just prompt me when I visit the site “Add feed? Yes – No – Don’t Ask Again”)
  • configurable search tool (different engines or custom search URLs like
  • “Do you really want to close this window? (13 tabs open)”
  • play nicer with forms (let me tab through form elements and use the keyboard for entry)
  • play nice with more of the wysiwyg editors out there
  • searchable History
  • Bookmark meta-data (description, comments, ratings)
  • target="_blank" should open in a new tab, not a new window
  • “View Source” with color-coded text
  • consistent UI (if we’re going to lose the metal, just do it across the board, please)

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