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new mix: Viral Tonsilitis

by Rob Friesel

Something of a trance homecoming for me. I threw this together more/less off-the-cuff tonight since I sat down to write and just spaced. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a little sick again? Who cares. Presenting…

Needle Damage (2)

Viral Tonsilitis a Texture mix:

  1. The Crystal Method “Cherry Twist”
  2. Paul Grogan “Haleakala Sunrise”
  3. Tekara “Breathe In You” (Lost Tribe remix)
  4. Blu Mar Ten “Numbers”
  5. Quivver “One Last Time” (Lee Coombs remix)
  6. Pheq Attack “The Activity”
  7. Kings of Spin “Lifestyles (part two)”
  8. Medway “The Baseline Track”
  9. Junkie XL “Zerotonine” (Slacker’s Tens remix)

192 kbps MP3 download

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