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Daily Archives: December 2, 2005

custom menu bar time/date

by Rob Friesel

A handy little tip over at CreativeBits re: customizing the time/date stamp format in your OS X menu bar. It takes a little playing around to really make it work right. The “catch” (at least as I observed it) was that you need to: Copy what you want from Date Paste it into the “Medium” […]

dream.20051202(b): invention

by Rob Friesel

I’m giving a rather Steve Jobs-ish presentation. I’ve invented an alarm clock with variable Snooze settings. Hit this button for 40 extra minutes of sleep. This one for only five. And if you don’t want to buy it, no problem. I’ve got instructions on how to re-wire your existing machine – – you’ll just have […]

dream.20051202(a): alien

by Rob Friesel

A variation on the dining hall scene from Ridley Scott’s Alien. The characters aren’t the cast from the film. (They’re familiar from somewhere though.) There’s a lot of running up and down stairs. It’s not a matter of multiple takes so much as we keep needing to retrieve items from the deck below where the […]