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‘getting close’ dilemmas

by Rob Friesel

Oh! How I love the writing process. I’ve committed myself to finishing my first draft before making major edits and already (“nearing the end”) I’ve identified all these changes I feel must be made. And I want so badly to go back and make them that I’m “this” close to abandoning my finish just to start over – – at 292 pages no less!

Ah! The frustration.

That said, I know where to take it. But I sit and stare at the blank page (or screen, depending on the mood) these past couple days going: “I know you’re in there somewhere…” Part of it is simple. I’ve been exhausted lately. Exhausted with a side of sick. But those last couple chapters are in there, I know it.

So once again: Any patrons out there want to sponsor a budding young sci-fi auteur?

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