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MacWorld scorecard

by Rob Friesel

Following up on my pre-[tag]MacWorld[/tag] post…:

  • [tag]iLife ‘06[/tag] is a given – – duh, zero points
  • minor revisions all around – – of course (some arguably major), zero points
  • with some new deployment of FrontRow and maybe Photo Booth – – FrontRow made it into the “[tag]MacBook Pro[/tag]” but is as yet not all-Mac-wide…
  • the [tag]iWeb[/tag] thing is probably a red herring – – Nope. It was real. Zero points.
  • the Podcast Studio thing is a minor possibility – – Rolled into GarageBand. Partial credit.
  • (but that’s just me, I don’t “get” the podcast meme) – – I still don’t get “podcasting” (but I don’t get talk radio, either) but it’s an honorable mention because now we get PHOTOCASTING! (Points?)
  • [tag]iWork ‘06[/tag] we’ll see, too – – Duh? Points.
  • Keynote will get a minor update – – Easy. Points.
  • Pages a major update (but not the one it needs) – – Sort of? Partial credit.
  • and we’ll get “Numbers” – – Wrong. Points off!
  • Hardware […] first round of Intel hardware will be the iBooks… – – Well it wasn’t a “Powerbook” but I don’t know if the “iBook” prediction counts. Zero points.
  • …and maybe (just maybe) they’ll be stuffed with flash memory instead of a hard drive – – Not even close. Zero points.
  • …Will Tiger be […] friendly for a January ‘06 launch of Intel-based hardware? – – Apparently Tiger will be just fine on Intel hardware. (Anyone else think this is a “Let’s get the proof in the pudding” kind of deal?)
  • As for the iTheater thing… That would be cool and I hope to see something like that – – but it seems too “early adopter” – – Well, at least I got this one. But it’s worthless because this was the silliest of all the pre MWSF memes.

Geez, I’m terrible at this game.

Anyway… Of all the post-[tag]MWSF[/tag]-announcements round-ups I’ve seen so far, this one from Unsanity is worth the weight of the rest in salt. If only for “ICBM”.

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3 Responses to MacWorld scorecard

mike says:

I have to say, I am not very impressed with the SuperHappyMacABook Pro (or whatever it’s called). 4-5 times faster? Statements like that always set off alarms in my head. No dual-layered DVD writing? Ouch. There is one positive though… Windows XP can NEVER run on it. 😉

found_drama says:

Ha! Yeah. I’ve been trying to follow *SPEC benchmark controversy as closely as I can. Still not sure I fully understand what it’s all about. I’ll agree it has an acrid reek about it.

Remember kids: Quality is version 1.0.1.

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