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the case against the tv

by Rob Friesel

Since moving into our new home, we’ve been trying to sort out our home audio situation.  We listen to a lot of music 1 around here.  Though we were feeling cramped, one of the nice things about our condo’s small footprint was the fact that that the music could be heard throughout the house without […]

on 3rd party drivers…

by Rob Friesel

Meditating on the MacBook Pro, I commented last week: Again with the Rosetta.  Again, Rosetta will catch you where you least expect it.  As I mentioned last time around: Office apps worked pretty much as-good-or-better than ever but the Logitech “Control Center” drivers did not play nice.  Another paired example: NetNewsWire Lite hums along as […]

MacWorld scorecard

by Rob Friesel

Following up on my pre-MacWorld post…: iLife ‘06 is a given – – duh, zero points minor revisions all around – – of course (some arguably major), zero points with some new deployment of FrontRow and maybe Photo Booth – – FrontRow made it into the “MacBook Pro” but is as yet not all-Mac-wide… the […]