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a week with BenNevis

by Rob Friesel

After about a week with BenNevis (a [tag]MacBook Pro[/tag]), I have a few more observations…:

  • [tag]Front Row[/tag]. …sucks up memory. If I’m not mistaken, it’s just a wrapper and an alternate front-end for certain applications. That said, the Desktop slides off into the background and you’re left with four big fat icons that you control with an IR remote. Fine. Except that if you start playing (for example) music and then “Menu > Menu > Menu” your way out of Front Row back to the Desktop (to check email without interrupting the music, for example) then Front Row thinks that it still owns the application. And everything slows down. Because Front Row is consuming 1.7 GB of Real Memory.
  • Keyboard. The Powerbook MacBook Pro keyboard is a good one. I’m just not used to it yet. As evidenced by my constANT accidentAL Tapping of the cAPS Lock key. The illumination effect in the dark is pretty sweet though.
  • Scrolling trackpad.  Neat.  Takes a little getting used to but nice.
  • Heat.  Yes.  It will get hot in your lap.  But not that hot.  Just don’t wear shorts.
  • Again with the [tag]Rosetta[/tag].  Again, Rosetta will catch you where you least expect it.  As I mentioned last time around: Office apps worked pretty much as-good-or-better than ever but the [tag]Logitech[/tag] “Control Center” drivers did not play nice.  Another paired example: [tag]NetNewsWire[/tag] Lite hums along as it always has but [tag]Flip4Mac[/tag] was a no-go.
  • MagSafe connector.  Such a seemingly tiny finishing touch.  But so worth it.

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