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by Rob Friesel
  1. [tag]Firefox[/tag] updated to [tag]Universal Binary[/tag] but still basically sucks.  (Seriously.  Stick with [tag]Camino[/tag].)
  2. [tag]Gruber[/tag] points out the obvious again.  This time about Google’s calendar app.  This time making sure to insert the jab about spelling and grammar.
  3. Ben points out that Mainers are legally permitted to be more verbose.  No wonder I want to move back.
  4. [tag]VW[/tag] re-badges the [tag]Golf[/tag] in ’06 back to the [tag]Rabbit[/tag].  I’m excited about this and can’t really explain why.  (Insert press release here.)
  5. I have four chapters left to read in my first round of revisions on my novel.  Then on to draft two.  Too bad I haven’t done any of the real legwork on pursuing publication.
  6. It was my brother’s 24th birthday today.  Happy birthday.  Too bad I worked late and missed my chance to call him.  I’m such a jerk.

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