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“the most innovative cities are looking at ways to facilitate in-person interactions”

by not another Rob?

“It might seem paradoxical that in a world where media and technology are bringing people together in more ways than ever before, the most innovative cities are looking at ways to facilitate in-person interactions. People still crave that physical proximity and the energy and transfer of ideas that happen in these environments; a nod to the enduring potency of local, human-scaled interactions. There’s a balance to be found between high-tech and lo-fi, analog and digital.”

Katherine Oliver, “Think Global Act Local: It’s More Relevant Than Ever”

I think about what’s happening in my own town (e.g., the efforts to build a “more walkable downtown”), and this resonates in a big way with me. I think about how I work best at the office, and again: a big resonance.

“Doing Nothing”

by Rob Friesel

This New Yorker piece by Nathan Heller (“Bay Watched”) came across my radar within the past couple of days. This is the sort of thing that would normally show up here as part of a “linkdump” but I had just a little bit more to say about it than that, so… It took me a […]

six weeks with Prismatic

by Rob Friesel

About six weeks ago, I started using Prismatic and entered it into my daily1 routine. It’s like your own personal “best of the web” that gets smarter about your interests as you go along. I’m still feeling as positive about it now as I was after the first 24 hours. Ever since that post, I […]