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on 3rd party drivers…

by Rob Friesel

Meditating on the [tag]MacBook Pro[/tag], I commented last week: Again with the Rosetta.  Again, [tag]Rosetta[/tag] will catch you where you least expect it.  As I mentioned last time around: Office apps worked pretty much as-good-or-better than ever but the [tag]Logitech[/tag] “[tag]Control Center[/tag]” drivers did not play nice.  Another paired example: NetNewsWire Lite hums along as […]

a week with BenNevis

by Rob Friesel

After about a week with BenNevis (a [tag]MacBook Pro[/tag]), I have a few more observations…: [tag]Front Row[/tag]. …sucks up memory. If I’m not mistaken, it’s just a wrapper and an alternate front-end for certain applications. That said, the Desktop slides off into the background and you’re left with four big fat icons that you control […]

Essential OS X Software

by Rob Friesel

Been toying around with doing this list for a while now. The question: What are the top 10 software applications for OS X (that aren’t out-of-the-box, mind you) that are absolutely essential? The top 10 apps that I couldn’t live without: [tag]Quicksilver[/tag] ( – The launcher to end all launchers. Is there anything this app […]