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by Rob Friesel

Taking the Aperture plunge… After about four years and approximately nine thousand digital images collected, processed, managed, and shared via iPhoto, we’ve more/less out-grown it around this house. ¬†Yes: this coincides in large part with the DSLR upgrade and the desire to shoot RAW but iPhoto just didn’t seem to be cutting it for us. […]

50 Years

by Rob Friesel

Just back from Maine where we helped my maternal grandparents to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Grandpa didn’t want the pageantry of a full-on cake, so we talked him down to cupcakes: (The cupcakes in lieu of cake.) It’s been a little hard for me to come to grips with it. I was certainly eager […]

Essential OS X Software

by Rob Friesel

Been toying around with doing this list for a while now. The question: What are the top 10 software applications for OS X (that aren’t out-of-the-box, mind you) that are absolutely essential? The top 10 apps that I couldn’t live without: [tag]Quicksilver[/tag] ( – The launcher to end all launchers. Is there anything this app […]