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Linkdump for August 27th

by Rob Friesel

Things plug-in syntax – Things Wiki (tagged: Quicksilver Things ) A Message on Ted Kennedy to Conservatives Who Hated Him (Mostly Profanity-Free for the Kiddies) at The Rude Pundit (via XJ's Twitter stream) (tagged: TedKennedy politics history ) tap tap tap ~ Convert design evolution Worth the watch. (tagged: video ui usability design ux ) […]

Quicksilver and Quick Look

by Rob Friesel

My otherwise limitless love for Quicksilver has recently been tempered by a burgeoning love for the addition of Quick Look to Mac OS X in the 10.5 version.  Pre-Quick Look, Quicksilver was hands-down the fastest way to access and open files.  ⌘+Space ➟ type a few characters ➟ and you were on your way.  In some instances you still […]

Essential OS X Software

by Rob Friesel

Been toying around with doing this list for a while now. The question: What are the top 10 software applications for OS X (that aren’t out-of-the-box, mind you) that are absolutely essential? The top 10 apps that I couldn’t live without: [tag]Quicksilver[/tag] ( – The launcher to end all launchers. Is there anything this app […]