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on 3rd party drivers…

by Rob Friesel

Meditating on the [tag]MacBook Pro[/tag], I commented last week:

Again with the Rosetta.  Again, [tag]Rosetta[/tag] will catch you where you least expect it.  As I mentioned last time around: Office apps worked pretty much as-good-or-better than ever but the [tag]Logitech[/tag] “[tag]Control Center[/tag]” drivers did not play nice.  Another paired example: NetNewsWire Lite hums along as it always has but Flip4Mac was a no-go.

I’ve since puzzled my way out of this box.  Well, that’s putting it strongly…  Regarding [tag]Flip4Mac[/tag], a reader commented that there’s a way to install it that involves telling the Installer utility to run under Rosetta – – and that then the .pkg file will play nice with the rest of the system.  This seems to hold true for Logitech’s Control Center driver package as well.  If you don’t run this little haxie, the preference pane will throw you a nasty-gram.  But installed under Rosetta, it’s as though it remembers how to mesh.  (So far at least: my double-click middle mouse button is back at least.)

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Antonio says:

Flip4Mac UB version is coming. Telestream will probably show it at NAB next week, and a public beta available soon after. But for now…check this blog for details on how to make it work thru Rosetta:
Telestream doesn’t support that method, but it will get you by until the UB

found_drama says:

You’ve mentioned the UB Flip4Mac and Rosetta method here last week. What I was trying to remark on was not Flip4Mac itself but how the “Rosetta Installer” method applies to other applications, drivers, and plug-ins.

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