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dream.20060420: the toilet fountain

by Rob Friesel

The hallway feels like the one from a high school or middle school. It’s not the lockers but the cieling and the sterile walls and tiling. I’m rushing to the bathroom and when I reach it, I notice that there’s only one stall and it has a labyrinthine entrance. I have to navigate through several twists and turns before I’m and can shut the door. For whatever reason, I flush first but that flush instantly sprays dozens of gallons of water forcefully up into the air, drenching me. The flush doesn’t stop and it keeps throwing water into the air. It isn’t so much that the water is filthy – – but it *is* spraying up out of a toilet. I hear my peers coming to my aide and I try to shout that I’ll be OK but I’m thoroughly soaked and feel disgusting.

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