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by Rob Friesel

Mike over at already said all there was to say about [tag]Munich[/tag] so I’ll only add this:

Mr. [tag]Spielberg[/tag],

Your closing shot. C’mon… Must you?

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3 Responses to Munich

mike says:

Yeah… Spielberg has a nasty habit of spelling things out like that… as if we couldn’t piece it together ourselves during the course of the film.

I assume you mean the WTC.


Gisela says:

Mainstream Media would have us believe that Spielberg’s film “Munich” has raised the hackles of every decent Jewish intellectual
in America.

Suffice to point out, that there is a broad base of moderate Jewish intellectuals and members of the middle class, who are deeply convinced that the right for Israel to exist has to be and can be defended by means, which do not contradict deeply held and cherished Jewish traditions and ethics.

Greetings form Munich

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