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by Rob Friesel

From ’round the web (in this case: MacSlash): Bare Bones’ [tag]Yojimbo[/tag] personal information organizer.

What’s this doing that [tag]StickyBrain[/tag] or [tag]Voodoo Pad[/tag] isn’t?

Granted, I can’t speak much for StickyBrain. Never used it. Don’t see the point in that kind of system. (Maybe I would if I’d used it?) I’ll stick to Voodoo Pad, which I think is the best little app since they invented vi and grep.

This isn’t to diminish Yojimbo. [tag]Gruber[/tag] seems to like it. Not to say “just because” – – just that I value his opinion and having not tried it (see above). That said: I may give the demo a whirl for the hell of it – – but given that you can encrypt with Voodoo Pad … well, VP’s wiki style is more my style.

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4 Responses to Yojimbo

mike says:

It’s difficult to get a feel for these apps and their advantages over a personal wiki. It seems that the main advantage is the integration of note-taking tools, but I might just be showing my ignorance.


found_drama says:

Agreed. The only thing I can think of is maybe some way of integrating them with the Services menu…? But: (1) I haven’t installed them, so I don’t know and (2) who uses the Services menu anyway?

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