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dream.20060215: smuggling

by Rob Friesel

We’re a crew of bomber pilots-cum-smugglers. It’s a World War II backdrop. But a little more steampunk. And a little more pirate. Think Memphis Belle meets League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (minus the invisible man and super-powers garbage). We’ve flown behind enemy lines in our converted and camouflaged B-17. Our mission is to smuggle a load of guns and explosives to the underground resistance working within the Nazi-held territory.

We make our drop successfully (narrowly avoiding capture) and when the guns and cash change hands, our clients inform us of another job. “As long as we’re already here.” Seems that a gang of female spies and assassins (posing as prostitutes and performers in the town next to the nearest Nazi base) have fallen on some trouble and need to get boosted out. The problem for us? They’re already on the base.

Our solution? Get ourselves captured. We fly around, make it obvious who we are, and get escorted right onto the base – – bomber and all. One of the guys in our crew knows of a way to pry open the cell doors though and from there it’s a simple matter of sneaking around until we find the dames. And explain who we are (of course, they’re skeptical) and sneak back (under cover of darkness and gunfire) to our B-17 so we can all make our escape. (As we board the bomber, the angle looks an awful lot like the Hoth escape scene from Empire Strikes Back…)

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