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Bonjour Camino!

by Rob Friesel

While reviewing some traffic info and site stats, I noticed that my current leading search phrases are: “[tag]Bonjour[/tag] [tag]Firefox[/tag]” and “Firefox Bonjour”.

For those of you who (like me) asked the question: How do I take advantage of Apple’s Bonjour technology AND the well-received [tag]Gecko[/tag] HTML rendering engine? …I have the following advice:

Get on the [tag]Camino[/tag] wagon.

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2 Responses to Bonjour Camino!

Matt says:

Thanks for checking the logs and making this post. I’d jump aboard, but I want all the other extensions firefox has too!

I’m happy enough to keep getting the belated benefit of Camino work in Firefox.

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