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dream.20060224: vampire family

by Rob Friesel

As a vampire family, it’s hard to keep everyone in line. I’ve managed somehow to temporarily emerge during the daylight and hold a barbeque. My wife and her son are not vampires but they’re necessary to keep up the front and live in this neighborhood. Not sure how much longer we’ll be able to keep this up though, I think as the guests start to leave. She has been an asset in helping my stay inconspicuous for so long. Her proclivities as sexually active as they are, the house has always been full of men that make easy targets for feeding. Her son has been a benefit as well, helping me to control her as well as adding to the whole charade; no one suspects that we’re anything but a normal family. And as the last couple guests linger though, I wonder what I’ll do next. The boy is getting older and people are going to start thinking soon that it’s weird when he talks about his mommy and daddy being vampires. (Even if only the latter is true.) As we clean up, I wonder how I’ll approach the problem because I’ll need to do something about this sooner rather than later.

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