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alternate futures recursing back on themselves!

by Rob Friesel

Via Gizmodo via Boing Boing: Akihabra News article “2nd hand electronics sales will soon be illegal in Japan”:

So from April 1st 2006, ALL electronic products sold in Japan before 2001 will be prohibited from the 2nd hand market!

Instantly brings to mind Gibson’s line from Neuromancer re: “…in Japan, cash had been illegal for a decade…” (or something along those lines).Gives me teh creeps…

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One Response to alternate futures recursing back on themselves!

mike says:

This seems VEEEEERRRRRY weird to me… April Fools weird. Having been to Japan it would seem almost impossible to stop (or completely damaging to an inestimable number of people). The number of secondhand electronics shops numbered on the order of Starbucks in the states (maybe more). The number of Famicon and Supa Famicon games alone in circulation is enough to choke a Galactus. What’s next? Outlawing second-hand manga sales? As if!


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