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SpecificsRecently picked up a copy of Midwest Product‘s album “Specifics” and have been enjoying it pretty thoroughly. Probably would have never picked up on it had I not seen it mentioned in Urb like 3 years ago. But for whatever reason it stuck out in my mind (maybe it’s the “???” name or the “that’s gotta be a Buick station wagon” lineart on the cover) and I finally brought myself to drop the scratch on it. Glad I did.

It’s in the warbly analog-synth-with-live-instruments vein and has a distinctly American electronica feel to it that has always seemed to hit close to home with me. Think: Crystal Method if they were a clumsy Bob Dylan? No that’s not it… How about “Big In Japan does instrumental covers of Junior Boys”…? Or Metro Area remixes Autechre? That’s a bit more like it. There’s some nice stuff going on in these tunes – – interesting counter-points and contrasts (re: aggressive percussion over and/or under softer, at times totally chilled out melodies). Anyway: recommended.

currently playing: Midwest Product “Beardman in the City”

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71mm3r5 says:

i’ve been trying to find a midwest product album (specifically *punned!* world series of love) because it looks like catcher in the rye, based on stuff that got on the ghostly records sampler, but nevre ever could find it. your mention has only forced me to see if i can try harder for it.

speaking of which… hey junior boys? where the fuck is album #2?!?!?

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