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dream.20060301: unlikely friends?

by Rob Friesel

I’m a little bit panicked because I have this overdue assignment.  I’m supposed to write up this long and detailed discussion of cytoarchitecture for my German class in Russian.  Unfortunately, there’s isn’t much concentration that’s going to happen in this house, as CM’s parents have come over to hang out with my mom.  This was all a little too much to deal with, so I went out into the backyard to throw around a rugby ball with my dad.  All he had in the cooler was PBRs.  “It suits the occassion,” he explained as he ran up the hill again with the ball.

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One Response to dream.20060301: unlikely friends?

creighton says:

officially b’gock’d at this one.

yr father as a sisyphus-like figure?

my parents hangoing out w/ yr mom?

too weird.

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