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one or two things

by Rob Friesel

I wrote tonight for the first time in what was probably about a month.  It wasn’t a lot.  But it was good.  Some revisions and new material.  Again, not a lot.  But good.  I felt guilty and I felt tired.  By the end of writing I wanted to cry.  That was a drag.  Writing feels good.  Anyone whose known me longer than 10 seconds knows that I want to do it full-time some day.  So that’s where the guilt came from.  Tired came from the fact that I don’t do it full-time yet.  (Anyone who works full-time knows what I’m talking about.)  So I’ll settle for the 2-ish hours of writing that I did fit in.

That said, it’s also been tough to keep track of the dreams recently.  I know that my brain has been busy making them but upon waking they instantly evaporate into thinly applied films at the corners of my eye.  There was a recent one where I’d been cast as a Japanese voice actress pursued by locusts unfolding into mecha and another where I was a small time thug affiliated with a gangster played by the elusive Vincent Gallo.  And then last night’s (about writing, no less) whese my 9th grade U.S. history teacher had some thoughtful words for me on the subject.  But all of this on waking loses its cadence.

Time to take some deep breaths.

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Amy says:

Don’t cry, dear rabbit. Only 4 more months of commuting, and you will have your life back. I promise that one day I will do for you what you have done for me.

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