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project: DropSync

by Rob Friesel

In an effort to familiarize myself with Xcode, I’ve concocted a couple of projects upon which to cut my teeth. Currently I’m delving into it by way of an AppleScript droplet micro-app that I’m calling “DropSync” for now. The general principle is to drop files onto it and have it sync them to a remote machine on the LAN. It’s an extension of the ideas I’ve explored in my straightforward syncing scripts (the rsync-based “DocSync”) but designed for more flexibility and directionality. (I.e., syncing a quick handful files “up” rather than a large mess of them each time when I’m really only concerned about one or two of them.)

The immediate lesson from this initial session working on it: AppleScript’s string analysis and manipulation routines suck. (Maybe this will force me to stop stalling on Objective-C?)

That said, I’m fast getting comfortable in Xcode but am reminded how much of what it has in the forefront are a bit foreign to me. (Translation: I should have persevered through the CompSci program at SMCM instead of chickening out and going back to Psychology.)

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