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dream.20060312: race for the theme

by Rob Friesel

The pinball theme song is up for grabs! The original composers of the pinball theme song have deleted it from existence. Not just burned the original composition. Not just shattered the original record. They have purged its existence from space-time. But since memory is disjointed out of space-time, folks know that there’s something wrong. Folks know that the pinball theme song is missing. That said, the original composers (who went on record as saying “it was just too cheesy”) are soliciting submissions for a replacement. The rules are that you need to race a bicycle cross country (from Bangor to Anchorage) and compose the song while on the bicycle. The extra “gotcha” is that you’ll need to be able to perform the song on whatever instruments that they happen to have on hand in Anchorage. So if you compose it for trumpet and all they have is a tympani, you’re screwed.

Fast forward to Anchorage: The race has been grueling but these tall Alaskan mountains have heaved into view and they’re just incredible. Problem is, I’ve had to (…er…) micturate since Minnesota. I spring off the bike (which has way too many wheels to be a bike) and head for the lodge to find some place to relieve myself. I’ve got to fit this in somehow before any of the other riders arrive. When I reach the lavatory though, I see that someone else has actually beaten me here. But there’s been no announcement yet. I still have a chance.

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