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3 things

by Rob Friesel
  1. Vermont holds many interesting and peculiar discoveries:
  2. I’m overdue on making any conclusions re: Gecko vs. WebKit
  3. Monday Top 10 on Tuesday:

The “That Was So Last Week” Method
(Match all: Last Played is in the last 7 days, Play Count is greater than 10, Genre does not contain Mix; Limit to 10 songs selected by least recently played.)

  1. The Chemical Brothers “Where Do I Begin”
  2. Rabbit In The Moon “Subconscious”
  3. Morgan King “I’m Free”
  4. Doves “Sea Song”
  5. Portishead “Mysterons”
  6. Tool “4 Degrees”
  7. Atomica “Larsen”
  8. Chemlab “Pyromance”
  9. Amon Tobin “Sordid”
  10. Faith No More “King For A Day”

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