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the ultimate home?

by Rob Friesel

Could this not be the ultimate in Cold War Era Nostalgia:

[tag]Denver[/tag], CO. 210 total acres. Very rare – 1 of only 18 built. Massive 45,000 + sq. ft. of underground floor-space; high chain-link fence around central complex; 2 high capacity deep wells in power dome; 3 missile silos all interconnected by ½ miles of tunnels. Mountain views, just 20 minutes from metropolitan area and international airport. Large capacity elevator intact, to be reconditioned. Under new ownership, massive clean-up and refurbishment underway. Many unique possibilities for commercial or private usage. Serious and capable buyers only.


[tag]Lewis[/tag], NY. [tag]Atlas F[/tag] site in the [tag]Adirondack Park[/tag] already under development by Australian owner, seeking free-spirited, compatible partner/investor for further development into a unique (M.A.S.H. theme) entertainment venue suitable for dance parties and other profitable commercial uses. Detailed development plans with cost and profit analysis are available for examination.


[tag]Pulaski[/tag], Indiana. Hardened Underground Communications vault on 5.5 acres (more or less), with frontage on the [tag]Tippecanoe River[/tag]. A 1960’s [tag]nuclear war[/tag]-proof communications center of 8,200 sq. ft. usable floor-space with 24″ thick walls and ceilings, with metal shielding enveloping the entire structure and 2’ to 4’ of earth covering all. Equipped with heavy blast doors, air vents with filter systems and blast valve closure mechanisms, and escape hatch emergency exit. Very large diesel generator in place. Lighting, pumps, heating & cooling and dehumidification, plus electric hoist – mostly operational and ready to use. Original blueprints and maintenance books go with. Many options for home-site, secure storage, or commercial / industrial retrofit. Located 75 miles from Chicago. Video $20

I don’t even know where to begin with how cool that is.

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