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When men were men, communists were evil, and Ronald Reagan was a super-intelligent cyborg sent from the future to lead us to victory.

“you got it kind of backward”

by Rob Friesel

William Gibson: In 1981, it was pretty much every intelligent person’s assumption that on any given day the world could end horribly and pretty well permanently. There was this vast, all-consuming, taken-for-granted, even boring end-of-the-world anxiety that had been around since I was a little kid. So one of the things I wanted to do […]

Atlas F-lashback

by Rob Friesel

In a “that’s where I know you from” moment: reading the 28-June cover story in Seven Days (“Bombs Away” by Cathy Resmer), I get to this passage: Why would he want to live in an underground missile facility? “Who wouldn’t?” asks the cheeky Aussie. “The cool factor is just unbelievable.” Michael spends six weeks each […]