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Atlas F-lashback

by Rob Friesel

In a “that’s where I know you from” moment: reading the 28-June cover story in [tag]Seven Days[/tag] (“[tag]Bombs Away[/tag]” by [tag]Cathy Resmer[/tag]), I get to this passage:

Why would he want to live in an underground missile facility? “Who wouldn’t?” asks the cheeky Aussie. “The cool factor is just unbelievable.” Michael spends six weeks each year on the property. During his recent spring stay, he hosted a camera crew from Home and Garden TV.

…and think to myself: Don’t I know this from somewhere?  Indeed I did.  Back in March I’d stumbled across the listings on and made special note of the Australian owner of an [tag]Atlas F[/tag] [tagnuclear missile silo[/tag] site looking to develop it into a “M.A.S.H. theme[d]” entertainment venue.  Heh.  Neat.

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