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Boot Camp

by Rob Friesel

Apple announces Boot Camp. For the first time, you can run Windows on Apple hardware natively and officially. (In as much as “beta” is “official” anyway.) I guess this is the death knell for Virtual PC, eh?

your Mac/PC partition magic

UPDATE: This line from Slashdot caught my attention:

Boot Camp will be a standard feature in Mac OS X 10.5.

…standard feature…??? I may be mistaken about this but that seems a little strange, don’t it? A feature of an OS to allow it to natively run another OS on the same hardware? Weird.

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3 Responses to Boot Camp

sarah says:

yeah, but if it’s a standard feature, it certainly makes it easier to say “i want a mac” in a PC environment.

mike says:

I’m not sure this signals the end of Virtual PC. You still can’t run OSX and XP concurrently.


found_drama says:

That would be “UPDATE #2” if/when I get around to it. A co-worker was speculating that Boot Camp may be the beginning of some kind of framework that would allow a windowed environment — a Rosetta-plus or X11-ish type thing. But that is (of course) strictly speculation and possibly way off the mark, too.

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