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Memewatch ’06: V

by Rob Friesel

Via dystopianethic, the 10 Word Meme: Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why. F_D has “V”:

  1. Vermont. Firstly because it’s my home. Secondly because it’s home to outstanding outdoor activities in all seasons. The Green Mountain State.
  2. Veneer. Encountered in so many contexts now. A way to make something look nice. Whether you’re making something good look great or else something that looks like a piece of shit less so. Typically the latter.
  3. Vixen. When I was a little kid I first encountered this word in the title sequence of Disney’s animated version of Robin Hood. At the time it didn’t make much sense. Robin Hood was a fox. Maid Marion was clearly a female fox. Their copy editors no doubt fucked this up. It wasn’t until several years later that I put it all together after encountering the word in another, much more metaphorical context.
  4. Vanquish. Though analogous, it’s not to be confused with “victory” (see below). Think “winning” but in a fantasy role playing scenario.
  5. V-2. The Nazi rocket-powered bombs. The proto-ballistic missle. Arguably the sperm that fertilized the Cold War love child.
  6. Videodrome. Cronenberg’s films haunt me in ways that are difficult to describe. “Long live the new flesh.”
  7. Vasectomy. Every man should get one as a 40th birthday present to himself.
  8. V-neck sweater. An essential article of clothing for every female but I have yet to see a man who can pull this off without looking totally silly. Unless there’s an argyle print hugely spreading across the abdomen. That’s acceptable.
  9. Vox populi. It’s like democracy without the checks and balances.
  10. Victory. Because no one likes to lose and everyone loves: “VICTORY FOR THE FORCES OF DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM!”

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