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by Rob Friesel

Brief personal update… Finally (!!!) getting back on the exercise horse after the little foot ouchie from snowboarding in February. A week of mild pain cannot translate in six weeks of being lazy. That’s just silly.

In other news, A. finally moved out of her Hanover, NH place and we’re back to living together full time again. What a relief! Granted that does mean a whole lot more driving for her in the short term (and with all that crappy car trouble lately…) but it really is plain ol’ good ol’ fashioned better for us both.

Also, with March over and done with, I end my little break from my novel-writing project and return to my draft for the first round of revisions. One-hundred forty-one pages into the revisions and I’m pretty satisfied so far. Which is not to suggest that it doesn’t need work. (My margins are in fact filled with scribbles.) But it does mean that I’m unwilling to abandon it at this point. Last evening, A. & I were discussing “what next?” and trying to arrive at some conclusion about where to take it from here. I’ve found an article about finding literary agents that I need to get through – – see if that’s a road worth going down. Other option would be self-publication (something like [tag]CafePress[/tag]?) and running adverts ’round the web and/or maybe elsewhere. It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure…  (For a taste, try here and/or here.)

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