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settling into spring

by Rob Friesel

Spring is settling in and so we’re settling into it. The temps are up to the balmy 60s during the day and even know my WeatherDock is telling me clear and 55. Makes me want to smile. The cat is in every window a lot and seems to want nothing more than to escape and assert his dominance over the neighborhood “low rider cat”. Meanwhile, A. & I did escape for a nice hour-long walk through Barre. Spotted some interesting piece of vintage science in a storefront window, too:

Vintage Biology!

…always fun, no?

Editing goes well, too. Chapters 17 & 18 are going to need some serious overhauling but that’ll come later. Still putting off any serious publication thoughts just yet. It seems premature. That said, a borrowed closing thought for the night:

bookstore employee wisdom #1
If you need help finding the Ayn Rand books, then they’re probably not for you.

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