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Sunday a.m. brain-dump

by Rob Friesel

What’s up with the recent rash of [tag]zombie dreams[/tag], eh? Where has that come from?

Anyway, with March over, it’s time to start on the revisions on my novel. I took a dive into it last night, plowing through some of the early chapters, my pen scribbling wildly in the margins. The whole time I’d been working on the original draft I’d opted to just keep notes about revisions I wanted to make rather than actually double-back and re-write sections. I’m glad I did it this way. That decision gave me a solid four pages of my own notes and thought questions to keep handy as I read and begin that weighty task of revisions. I think I’ll hold off on any “actual” re-writes until the feedback starts to come back from the assorted volunteers.

On the flip of things: Malkovich is acting up again. Hardware again but not the hard drive. The machine just randomly shuts itself off at irregular intervals. Sometimes its days or hours between these random shut-offs. Sometimes they’re in immediate succession. Reading up on it, I thought maybe the SMU had just learned some bad habits. But despite the Apple knowledgebase’s recommendation, this hasn’t apparently made any difference. The Apple Support chat wasn’t much help in this case either — they just told me to take it to my local Apple Authorized Service vendor. WTF? I’m beginning to think that there are some serious flaws in the [tag]iMac G5[/tag] design. Maybe I’m being harsh. The hard drives are bought wholesale from another company, I suppose. But this is the second problem I’ve had with this machine. And the second machine I’ve purchased that’s been affected by a “[tag]repair extension program[/tag]“.

Aside from the constant edge-of-my-seat “is it going to shut down while I type this?” feeling right now, the most obnoxious part is that its been frequently shutting down in the middle of the night. Just to restart itself with the happy “bong!” sound. Which I’ve told it to do but that’s now causing me to lose sleep. I’d shut it down before bed but my automated back-up routines run overnight.

Argh. Regardless, spring is starting to settle in throughout Vermont. Temps have been getting into the 60s and the sun has been shining down. (Yesterday’s rain notwithstanding.) Time to get some fresh air and sunlight and exercise. Meanwhile, A. is in Maryland for the next couple days, giving an invited lecture at [tag]SMCM[/tag]. How cool is that? Not even fully armed with a PhD yet and giving invited talks at two colleges in two weeks’ time. (She just gave one at [tag]UNE[/tag], too.)

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