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dream.20060503: silent treatment

by Rob Friesel

I’ve stopped off at Adam & Sue’s place on my way home from work.  (Except that it’s not their place.  The neighborhood is vaguely reminiscent of one I knew from High School and the house itself is very reminiscent of Zeb’s.)  It’s dark out already, so it must be winter.  Certainly not DST.  We’ve dipped into a little shiraz to unwind and joke around a bit.  They ask me where A. is and why not have her drop by too?  I grab my phone and call her.  She asks where I am.  Why haven’t I come home?  Is everything OK?  I explain that I’d just dropped off at their place for a bit to hang out and why doesn’t she drop be, too?  No response.  A.?  Nothing.  A.?  This goes on for a few seconds.  A.?  Nothing.  Finally the click of her hanging up.  My eyes go wide with shock.  She hung up on me?  I turn to them both.  I need to go.  I jam out of the house just as quick as I can and discover that my car has been vandalized.  Well, not vandalized but someone has taped a petition to it.  “We, the undersigned…” and all that.  I don’t have time to read it all but it sounds like the neighbors feel that I’m around too much and that my car’s ugliness is a blight on the neighborhood.  Which sucks for them because they chose to TAPE the petition to my car and the tape rips huge chunks of paint off as I pull the petition off.  Got to get home…

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