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Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD: pr0ntastic?

by Rob Friesel

Via Macworld: Porn industry may be decider in [tag]Blu-ray[/tag], [tag]HD-DVD[/tag] battle:

The [tag]pornography[/tag] industry, which generates an estimated US$57 billion in annual revenue worldwide, has always been a fast leader when it comes to the use of new technology, according to analysts.

Porn studio Digital Playground, which claims to have produced the largest number of high definition movies in the industry over the past three years, said it is choosing Blu-ray Disc for all of its “interactive” films because of its greater capacity. It also selected Blue-ray because [tag]Sony[/tag] chose the format for its [tag]PlayStation 3[/tag] (PS3) box, due out in November.

The co-founder of Los Angeles-based Digital Playground, who goes by the one-word name “Joone,” said the fact that Sony chose Blu-ray guarantees his studio an instant home audience.

“PlayStation 3 is going to be the Trojan horse that will get a lot of numbers into the home theater systems — the living rooms,” said Joone, who is also a movie director…

Um… [tag]Zeitgeist[/tag]?

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