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dream.20060622: recruiting

by Rob Friesel

My boss and I are making a presentation to a high school principal.  We’re here to recruit interns for some tedious project work.  We have two hours worth of work per day for each intern; the principal will only allow them to go on internships that are three or more hours.  We need to regroup on this issue; we can probably accommodate the request (we will need to, we need these interns) but it will require some re-organization of some of our various assets.  We pack up out things and leave the office, making a calm orderly retreat from the building.  But then the bell rings and the students emerge and rush all around.  Turn after turn through these halls, trying to remain calm.  I start to feel suffocated and claustrophobic as (at every turn) I’m inundated more and more with students on cell phones, all wearing the same uniform (white shirt, dark pants, forest green ties with gold stripes).  I look at my boss as my calm turns to panic and I run screaming through the last few lengths of hallway out the front door and into the sunlight.

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