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Kayaking: the highlight reel

by Rob Friesel

A. & I hit Wrightsville Reservoir today. I think this was our third time paddling there but the first time we managed to find our way down to the waterfall…:

Kayaking #2869 (foot!)Orange and Blue
Lonely TreesShallow
Reservoir FallsBuddha of the Branch?

See the whole set in my Flickr stream… Honorary mentions that didn’t make the highlight reel: my pseudo-panoramic of the falls and our “vessel inspection” badge, which carries with it the following story:

Right as we were getting ready to leave the Reservoir, a bunch of State Police (Parks & Rec?) show up. As we finish securing the kayaks to the roof, one of the officers strolls over. I’m 99% certain that what he said was: “Would you like a free safety inspection?” And seeing as how we were leaving and hungry for lunch I politely declined: “No thanks, we’re all set.” Without missing a beat, he replies: “Well you’re going to get one anyway.”

Fortunately for us, all we needed to do was prove that we had a PFD each. (No problems there…) We were rewarded with these stickers which are like get-out-of-jail-free cards for our kayaks for 2006.

Of course, my first thought was: “I should get one for my record crate, too!”

Now, time for lemonade and packin’…

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