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late night

by Rob Friesel

First and foremost: A. & I will have a place to live!  Our offer was accepted and the wheels are in motion to move back to Burlington.  We’ll miss Barre.  We will not miss our commutes.

Despite the excitement, we kept it pretty chill tonight.  A quick trip out for a celebratory dessert and then back home.  A. had some work to do and I … well, I invent work for myself in the writing realm.  Waiting for the feedback on my book from the folks that have volunteered (thanks to ya’ll! and yes, I know there are some lingering typos) to read it, I’ve started my note taking, research, and outlines for my next project.  Excitement all around.

And now, to let the sounds of the rain lull me to sleep…

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JDS says:

Congrats on the big house move. And I hear that your place has been sold as well? Fantastic. Enjoy getting back to Burlington!

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