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by Rob Friesel

Thursday evening it seemed that we’d never get moved and then Friday everything sort of collapsed in on itself and we discovered that we had about 5 or 6 days to wrap everything up.  (EEK!)  That said, A. & I are now in a mad scramble to cross our various t’s and dot the various i’s to close the book on our Barre chapter and get ourselves settled into Burlington.  It’s certainly not going to be a fun next couple of days as we make all of the various phone calls to turn off this and activate that and update the mailing address on the other thing…  Unfortunately only about a quarter of the above can be done easily (read “online”) and heaven forbid you attempt to cancel any services without speaking to a human being who will no doubt interrogate and/or berate you for your decision.  While I don’t necessarily expect that from (for example) my local, municipal water/sewer department, I must admit to dreading that call to Verizon.

The real pain in the neck has been trying to unload some of our “good but we don’t want it anymore” furniture.  When you’re not armed with a truck, it’s difficult to move around these kinds of items.  Thanks to JDS though, we got turned on to the Washington County Freecycle list and have a couple of takers (apparently) on those items.

Anyway, this whole “move” business just so happens to fall square in the middle of what was planned to be one of my busiest weeks at work and so now not only is everything feeling “last minute” but “panicked” and “last minute”.  Lucky for my A. has volunteered to handle many of the arrangements but there’s still too much for any one person to do.  Seeing as how we’re about 60-70% packed at this stage (and have dumped all but three of the items we’ve been looking to dump), at least that part of the equation is in decent shape.  Anyway, appearances here are expected to be scattered for the next week or so.  Wish us luck!

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