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dream.20060823: lasagna

by Rob Friesel

My whole family is over for dinner.  A., my parents, my youngest brother…  It’s a good number of people considering that I’m accustomed to cooking for two (if I cook at all).  We’re back late from some evening entertainment (a film? the theater?) and I’ve been tasked with getting dinner together for everyone.  We decide on this vegetarian lasagna dish that A. usually makes but since I got the dinner prep nod, it all on me.

So I do my best to prep: chopping vegetables, getting the noodles ready, mashing up the tomatoes for the homemade sauce…  And it’s actually all going well until A. reminds me that the contents need to marinade for a couple hours before I can actually bake the thing.  It’s already 9pm though and everyone is still hungry but keeps insisting that it’s OK, everything can sit overnight, and we’ll just have the lasagna for breakfast.

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One Response to dream.20060823: lasagna

jody (kuendel) miller says:

hey rob-
i am in vt . . . gwen said you and your wife live in burlington. i think i have found you. your pics “look” like you! it has been a looooooonnnnngggg time. i would love to come by and say hello. kady is a sr. at udel and dan is in mercedes benz school in tx. bill (husband of 10 yrs) and i sold the house in nova and are fulltilmers in our bus . . . . we are in randolph center until the end of sept. i would really like to say hello.
find me here at or call: 571.426.2462.
hope all is well.
get in touch – jody

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