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Some Sunday Songs

by Rob Friesel

The Fuck Off Method
(Last Played is in the last 7 days, Limit to 10 songs selected by random.)

  1. Sister Machine Gun “Vibrator”
  2. Depeche Mode “I Feel Loved”
  3. Josh Wink “Young Again”
  4. PJ Harvey “The Slow Drug”
  5. Underworld “Bruce Lee”
  6. Bang! “Break Of Dawn”
  7. Butthole Surfers “Cough Syrup”
  8. BPT “Moody”
  9. Morrissey “We’ll Let You Know”
  10. Headrillaz “Trepanning”

The “Your Son Is An Underachiever” Method
(Last Played is in the last 7 days, Play Count is less than 15, Limit to 10 songs selected by most often played.)

  1. The Beastie Boys “Gratitude”
  2. Blur “Sing”
  3. Portishead “Western Eyes”
  4. Pro-Tech “Recalcitrant”
  5. Sublime “Waiting For My Ruca”
  6. Underworld “Jumbo”
  7. Adam F “Circles (Album Edit)”
  8. Ashtrax “Helsinki (Blacklight Dub)”
  9. Front Line Assembly “Mutate”
  10. Metro Area “Miura”

The “That Was So Last Week” Method
(Last Played is in the last 7 days, Play Count is greater than 10, limit to 10 songs selected by least recently played.)

  1. Ministry “N.W.O.”
  2. Massive Attack “Teardrop”
  3. Demon Seed “Exocet”
  4. Ascension “Someone (Slacker & Original Vocal mixes)”
  5. Blur “Sing”
  6. Kats & Styles feat. Craig Mitchell “You’re My Everything (K & S Brooklyn Bass Mix/Nubian Mix)”
  7. Underworld “Stagger”
  8. BCML “Horowitz”
  9. Life On Mars “Life In Minds (Evolution Mix)”
  10. Helmet “Crisis King”

No triumphant return of “The Sampo Method” – – that would give us nothing but Blonde Redhead.

currently playing: Broken Social Scene “Pacific Theme”

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