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Saturday morning round-up

by Rob Friesel

As I alluded to last weekend, we’re settling in nicely. Takes a while to adjust and really start to get plugged in but we’re nearly there. One thing is for certain right up front: a 20 minute walk to work is a hell of a lot better than a 45-60 minute car ride.

Anyhow, it takes a little willpower not to be slightly bitter about how the details of our move transpired. Feels a little like we lost a couple weekends of kayaking. Lamentable… Fortunately there’s still plenty of summer left and I don’t see why we can’t keep paddling clear into October like every other year. First things first though, new car means a new rack. (We’ll sort out where to store them during the winter later on…) Hopefully it doesn’t also mean new cross-bars and attachments… Six years of year-round use do take their toll on those parts.

All of the above said, feels like we’re starting to get into a decent routine here. And with the busy weeks ahead, that will be a little bit of comfort.

update: Yes, I know the sidebar and page are both broken. No, I didn’t change anything. No, I don’t know what’s wrong. No, apparently is the most current version.

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