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We’re In!

by Rob Friesel

Naturally, there was a metric fuck-ton of drama in the closing hours of the move (pun intended) but everything wound up coming together just fine. And now we’re in…

It Begins...

…and the unpacking marathon is under way.

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One Response to We’re In!

Cordell Falk says:

Well, well, well….

He moves! He gets married! He still manages to write books!


What the hell is up, my long lost friend! Sounds like life is treating you more than fair these days. Glad to hear/read it. Drop me a line if you’d like and we can catch up and perhaps swap some material! I’ve got my first round draft list of agents/publishers sitting nearby for a new submission of my own… (Ah, what fun…)

Best wishes for you, the wife and the home.

– Falker (a.k.a. he who used to be named after a sharp implement, but spelled wrong)

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