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Really Simple Publication (a prelude)

by Rob Friesel

“Will you teach me how to make a web site?”

This question was recently posed to me by someone who is utterly brilliant about so many things and yet completely stymied when it comes to computers.

“Um…” (I begin) “What for?”

“Because I’m tired of emailing people back with the same explanations.  And sometimes I have videos that they need to see for class and…”

Videos?  Say no more.  Of course you shouldn’t be emailing the same video over and over again.  Or at all.  “Sure, just…”

And then it hit me: How do you set up a super-easy publication system for someone that isn’t very technical and not particularly interested in learning the tools necessary to publish on the web.  And I think that this is an important question to get answered: because the web is a great way for certain folks to get their information out there to those that need it but it’s not always easy to get that message out there.

Seriously: in the above conversation, the first thing I thought to blurt out was: “Well, you can always just use word to ‘save as HTML’…”  But even as my inner web developer shuddered, I realized that this is only the tip of the iceberg.  That may make output a nasty HTML document that will (sort of) render in a browser but how do you get it onto a server if you don’t really know what you’re doing?

All of these questions to be answered and perhaps more in this upcoming parade of meditation that we’ll call: Really Simple Publication…

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