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5 Buried “Sickest Ever” Films

by Rob Friesel

A friend recently posed the question:

Give me a top five sickest ever sickest evers of films that are totally amazing but don’t get enough press.

Naturally, this gets one to thinking: What are the top five “sickest ever” films that I don’t believe got the press time they deserved?

And so:

  1. Corndog Man: A darkly comic tale of racism and revenge.
  2. High Strung: Roger Nygard and Steve Oedekerk reinvent the comic soliloquy and Jim Carrey take an uncredited role as an ennui-filled Death.
  3. Buffalo 66: Vincent Gallo in his penultimate role…  Another darkly comic film that shows you why you can’t come home.  Not really.
  4. Scotland, PA: A re-telling of MacBeth in a “modern” Pennsylvania?  Priceless.
  5. Indochine: A historical drama centering around the French in Vietnam in the 1930s.  Long but well worth it.

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